Lesser Known Surrealist Drawings, by John Kleckner @ Eldridge Optician

Fruit and Flower Deli is pleased to present "Lesser-Known Surrealist Drawings " the first solo show in Scandinavia by American artist John Kleckner.

With "Lesser-Known Surrealist Drawings " Kleckner presents a new body of work, a series of intricate and suggestive collages made with devoted care and sense for craft and image culture, playing with appearances and expectations. The new collages carry some of the same attributes as his earlier hand drawn works, and feature the elaborate and precise ink etching like drawing, of birds, flies etc, but paired with an experimental approach on paper, its different materialities, and collage techniques combined with spray paint, graphite, and expressionist impasto painting. The new work remains in the same suggestive domain that is characteristic for Kleckner's previous work, but the richness of the detailed drawings is now replaced partly with a broader treat on the work itself, and its material aesthetic
qualities. The collages are therefore not only assemblages of images but of techniques and visual qualities.

The title of the show refers to use of a specific surrealist material of lesser known surrealist artists, but also to the development of this new series of work, which is lesser known to his audience. In his previous work.

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