Now @ Eldridge optican: DAVID ADAMO SOLO SHOW --- UNTITLED (MONUMENT) ---

“Untitled (Monument)” brings more clearly forth the monumental aspects, both sculptural and architectonic, that are characteristic throughout Adamo’s production, placing his work in a historical perspective and elegantly opening a dialogue on the idea of the classical and its dichotomy of the pristine and the destructive. The monumental in Adamo’s work lie to a great extent in the works’ performative qualities, in the assertion that there is a memory in the work, a past memory as well as a future memory. This is why the work often tends to open up to the spectator in diametrically opposed directions, simultaneously insinuating that something has happened, or is just about to happen, which also lures the viewer into a state of remindness.

Monument by David Adamo at Eldridge Optician. Courtesy Fruit and Flower Deli, Stockholm, 2011. Photo by Erika Svensson.