Shóplifter: Vanity Disorder

The 25th of October Hrafnhildur Arnardottir aka Shóplifter visited Eldridge Optician in Stockholm to present "Vanity Disorder”, a colorful art setting made of human and synthetic hair.

See images from the gallery setting at the bottom of this post.

The gallery setting Vanity Disorder combined art works from Shoplifter’s series Imaginary friends with Smiley and wall pieces from the Comet serie. Comet is a series of planets inspired by the Greek origin of the word "comet", komḗtēs meaning wearing long hair. Black Comet and Orange Moon where two of the shown art pieces from the Comet serie, made of synthetic hair and wood panel.

Visit Shóplifter's website to see a selection of her work:

Shóplifter: Vanity Disorder at Eldridge Optician
Shóplifter: Smiley
Shóplifter: Imaginary friends
Shóplifter: Imaginary friends