The Oscar Magnuson Spring and summer 2011 collection is here

This time we have Ice, Herta, Donant, Coco, Catherine and Alber making up the sunglasses range and Davide, Ed, Karl, Marc, Malcolm and Marcel in the spectacles collection. Most of the names point to influential characters in the sparkling worlds of fashion, art, music and film. Some however hail from situations of adversity and have inspired through their will to fight oppression and societal injustices.

The Catherine frame is named after a beautiful French actress from the sixties, while Ice is boxy and obviously 80’s in style, taking its cue from a certain famous rapper. Google ‘Herta’ and you’ll see exactly why that frame has been named as such. Coco and Karl are both icons of the fashion world. The SS11 statement frames by Oscar Magnuson reflect strong personalities, courage and confidence.

While Oscar Magnuson spectacles and sunglasses are inspired by fascinating characters, what kind of person wears them? Do frames reflect a facet of one’s personality or a window into one’s alter ego, the person one wishes or pretends to be? This is a question Oscar Magnuson continues to explore, believing that eyewear is a stamp of one’s identity.

The Spring Summer 2011 collection consists of six pairs of sunglasses, three for women and three for men, and six unisex pairs of spectacles. Identity, the link between each icon and their frame is the common thread that holds the collection together in a perfectly balanced harmony of contrasting shapes and styles.

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