Lead Singer of Joy Division Inspires New OM frame ‘Ian’

Curtis met the future members of Joy Division at a Sex Pistols gig in 1976. The next four years of the band’s and Curtis’ history have been dramatized in a total of three films and have influenced countless groups from The Cure to Bloc Party. With lyrics inspired by beat generation’s W S Burroughs, sung with the energy of punk, but illustrating the melancholy that would stream through ‘80s alternative music, Curtis is credited with having started the post-punk genre.

Oscar Magnuson spectacles and sunglasses are inspired by progressive thinkers who have pushed boundaries and shaped culture. Ian Curtis joins intellectual icons such as beat poet William Ginsberg and art collector Peggy Guggenheim. ‘Ian’ is available in blended caramel, tortoise, black and crystal.

Joy Division with Ian Curtis (second from the right)