Release party of Oscar Magnuson Sun s/s10 at Eldridge Optician in Stockholm

Eldridge Optician

Once again Eldridge Optician opened its doors, this time with the courtesy of Stockholm's Gallery Crystal Palace. In their old space at Karlbergsgatan regulars mixed with ordinaries and soon turned the cool Stockholm April spring into a steaming mist. To find out where Eldridge Optician opens next please join its new page on Facebook.

The release party of Oscar Magnuson Sun at Eldridge Optician, NYC.

Oscar Magnuson had the honour of releasing the new sun collection at Eldridge Optician. Situated in L.E.S Manahattan the place was packed with interesting personalities toasting this special night with champagne. Find out who was there...

Get to know the regulars at Eldridge Optician.

Rodrigo - The Keeper of Fruit & Deli.

Certain personalities hold an intrigue that goes beyond the everyday. Their quirky tastes take individuality to the extreme and produce a fabulously seductive style. Such characters are walking, flashing arrows leading those who care to follow into stories of wonder, chance and possibility. All have been seen at Eldridge Optician. What can be attracting them?

We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with Eldridge Optician, established in 1870.

Eldridge Optician

Although the local Oracle in L.E.S has stated that there aren't any coincidences, the circumstances of the history have given at hand an accidental occurrence. The constant transformation of the world and the city of New York, the Lower East Side as an open artery into the Great America, is now concluding a circle. Over three centuries, from 1870 to 2010 accounting with time, the additions that it has made, as well as the turns and the changes, the Lower East Side, the Synagogues, Latin Quarters, and now the modern city amusement park, leading to a new cultural landscape. Eldridge Optician will work exclusively with Oscar Magnuson, who holds "Theodore" as master model for his spectacles: the spectacles that Eldridge Optician made in the late 1930's in memory of Theodore Roosevelt. The world it seems is at times intricately related, and the footprints of the past and the ones of the present match perfectly.

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