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Download for the down low. Oscar Magnuson updates their app.

Avid app fans will be pleased to note that Oscar Magnuson has updated their app to showcase their latest line and a selection of stores. The new line of spectacles is named ‘237’ after the address of their gallery space in New York. They hold a distilled, purer version of the Oscar Magnuson Scandinavian look. View the line and admire our pick of opticians who stock Oscar Magnuson frames around the world.

Still showcasing our blog as well as the full spring/summer 2011 collections of spectacles and sunglasses, the Oscar Magnuson app is a must for the fashion forward.


Couture and the common touch: A look at the life of Carrie Donovan


Carrie Donovan was one of the first expressive and formidable characters to inspire the world of Oscar Magnuson Spectacles. An instantly memorable woman, she was known for her statement style, being able to spot emerging fashion talent from a million miles away.

View pictures of the great Carrie Donovan here:

237 – A New Line of Spectacles and Simplicity

We’re proud to announce the launch of an entirely new line of spectacles inspired by the distillation of design, purity and choice.

Made up of six frame shapes each in the same six colours, the range 237 is named after Oscar Magnuson’s first gallery project with collective Fruit & Flower Deli – The Eldridge Optician at 237 Eldridge Street Manhattan. The frames hold Oscar Magnuson’s clean Scandinavian style that speaks of creativity and intellectualism, and represent an artistic balance: the OM essence is maximised while materials have been reduced to a bare minimum.

“If a thing can be done adequately by means of one, it is superfluous to do it by means of several; for we observe that nature does not employ two instruments where one suffices” (Aquinas 1945)

The sleek frames come in a popping peacock blue, pale yellow, tortoiseshell, light brown, burgundy and black all in acetate.

Lucie Fontaine: t-a-l-i-s-m-a-n-i-c

Eldridge Optician/Fruit and Flower Deli is pleased to present “t-a-l-i-s-m-a-n-i-c,” a solo show by
Lucie Fontaine.

Anna Uddenberg talks hostesses, art and the elusive ‘It’.

Artist Anna Uddenberg

Colourful personalities with strong identities are central to the Oscar Magnuson philosophy. Anna Uddenberg is a conceptual artist currently focusing on interactive behaviour through performance, video and sculpture. Truly Yours, her final degree show at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm focuses on the creation of a spectacle, examining the markers of gala premiers such as red carpets and spotlights, the idea of exclusivity and being wanted. The latest Oscar Magnuson sunglasses and spectacles campaign for Spring Summer ’11 features artists Rodrigo Mallea Lira and Anna. Cas Mungo Sonar meets Anna to talk about her latest work, originality and identity.

Who do you think you are?

Artist Patrik Qvist wearing ED

Spanning psychology, philosophy and anthropology, inextricably linked to fashion and art, identity is far from simple. But it begins with us. Who are we and what are we projecting?

Herta the Word Warrior


Everyone wants freedom. We all strive to achieve our personal version of it. For the lucky ones it involves only an internal struggle, often evidenced by decisions to travel the world without the responsibilities of job or rent. For some it is a distant idea to be peered at through a long and harrowing existence of repression, and for others the power or right to act, speak or think as they want without hindrance or restraint is barely imaginable. Oscar Magnuson has taken inspiration from Herta Müller’s strength and struggle to be heard in the bold "Herta" frame.

David Adamo: Exploring the Everyday

With work spanning from performance to archival projects to sculpture, the Berlin-based American artist David Adamo has been keeping busy: He has had three solo shows a year for four years running and has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including the Whitney Biennial and MoMA PS1’s “Greater New York” in 2010. OMQ recently caught up with him in a studio in Long Island City, where he was preparing for a May show at the New York gallery Untitled, to talk about deathcore, tomatoes, and chopping wood.