Brillenschneiderei Yves, Berlin. OM OPTICIAN OF THE QUARTER.

Brillenschneiderei Yves, Berlin.

Yves Jens Leipe is young and dynamic with a fascination for difference. Opening his optical store, Brillenschneiderei last summer was a personal goal well won. The result is impressive – a space coloured with his character, style and interest in visual impact, set in one of the most stimulating districts of Berlin. It’s here that modernism meets history and comes to life. Youth, new movements and experimentation blend with the old and established. Artists and designers dominate the streets every day.

Now @ Eldridge optican: DAVID ADAMO SOLO SHOW --- UNTITLED (MONUMENT) ---

Monument by David Adamo at Eldridge Optician. Courtesy Fruit and Flower Deli, Stockholm, 2011. Photo by Erika Svensson.

We are proud to present Untitled (Monument), David Adamo’s second solo show with Fruit and Flower Deli, and his first solo show in Scandinavia.

Premiere for the Oscar Magnuson iphone app

We are proud to announce that you can now enjoy the OM collection on your iPhone. The app showcases the blog as well as the latest collection of spectacles and sunglasses.

Download the new Oscar Magnuson iPhone App:

The Oscar Magnuson guessing game with Peggy Guggenheim

Peggy Guggenheim

One of the first ladies ever to inspire an Oscar Magnuson frame was the redoubtable Peggy Guggenheim. Born at the turn of the last century, Peggy was an heiress with a unique mind and a terrific attitude who has been credited with developing abstract expressionism, the first American art movement to achieve worldwide importance. Wildly eccentric, she was passionate about modern art making it her life ambition to promote it to a wider audience. She took on wildly ambitious schemes opening galleries in London and New York, her native city.

The new Oscar Magnuson Sun Styles in store now

Anna Uddenberg wearing the pink Coco frame
Rodrigo Mallea Lira wearing the black Herta frame

Click to view the sun collection

Rodrigo Mallea Lira explains all

Rodrigo Mallea Lira

The mystery behind the enigmatic Eldridge Optician is at last uncovered as we question the Keeper of Fruit & Flower Deli, Rodrigo Mallea Lira about art, vodka, unusual partnerships and versions of reality.

The Oscar Magnuson Spring and summer 2011 collection is here


We are proud to unveil a new collection of spectacles and sunglasses inspired by icons of the twentieth century. But who are the figures behind the frames this time? It’s a guessing game of identity that we think adds an element of fun to the cool sophistication of the designs. Click here to find out more:

The artist Karl Holmqvist collaborates with Fruit & Flower Deli and Oscar Magnuson

Karl Holmqvist wearing the Karl frame by Oscar Magnuson

Art project Fruit & Flower Deli again enters the world of Oscar Magnuson via a work multi-layered with meaning and draped in questions of identity and time. Artist Karl Holmqvist has exchanged a pair of his spectacles, that he’s owned since 1998 for a new pair designed by Oscar Magnuson, and transformed the original spectacles into art. Engraved on the frames in black lettering, one will find, “Every Minute, Every Hour, Fruit & Flower 1998-2010”. These soon to be famous spectacles will be exhibited at the shifting gallery space Fruit & Flower Deli in Stockholm. Oscar Magnuson first collaborated with Fruit & Flower Deli in New York with the Manhattan space Eldridge Opticians, earlier this year. Both parties are transfixed with the notion of identity and disguise.