Photo by Erika Svensson

Artist Allan Bestle photographed for the picture series TRUE VISION by Erika Svensson.


OM "Ian" at MAYLA A/W13 Stockholm Fashion Week

Oscar Magnuson featured at Stockholm Fashion Week 2013 together with Swedish label Mayla.

Swedish graphic designer Marlene Abraham founded her label Mayla in 2010. She has always had a keen eye for style, shape and form so the leap from graphic to fashion design came quite naturally. The collection is made out of timeless, feminine pieces, designed to become all-time wardrobe favourites.

A/W 2013 - "Hitchcock Muses"
This season Mayla enters the cinematic world of Alfred Hitchcock offering a contemporary take on some of his favorite muses referencing Tippi Hedren, Grace Kelly and Kim Novak. The mood is dark and edgy, a tribute the psychological subtleness of his leading ladies. Quirky bird prints and different textures create an eclectic mix of silk jacquard knits, metallic bouclé, feather lace and sheer silk pleats, topped with frames by Oscar Magnuson.

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Lead Singer of Joy Division Inspires New OM frame ‘Ian’


A burning intensity coupled with a quiet awkwardness gave Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division unmatched magnetism. His extraordinary, seizure-like dancing and haunting baritone voice branded the band with a trademark image that would kick-start a new wave of music.

Ian Curtis’ penetrating genius and individualism have influenced a new pair of Oscar Magnuson spectacles: ‘Ian’ 8726. They are part of the SS13 collection inspired by punk and post-punk icons, and come in four colours.


Photo by Erika Svensson

With interviews and photography, we have delved into the souls of modern-day creatives. One furniture designer, one architect and one photographer share with us their notions of artistic integrity, their battles with self-doubt and how their soul is represented through their work. These people are changing the fields they work in. This time we talk to designer Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm.

Patti and the Punks Inspire the new OM spring and summer release

Patti Smith performing at Cornell University, Ithaca NY, 1977.
New OM Styles Ian, 8723 and Rei

A chance meeting with seminal punk singer Patti Smith at last year’s Polar Music Prize in Stockholm set Oscar Magnuson’s mind rolling about progressive, iconic characters once again. After reading her autobiography Just Kids, he further understood and wondered at her drive to succeed; her ability to ignore what others thought of her; and the fierce loyalty of Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe’s tender relationship as they fought to survive as artists in New York. These ideas spiralled into bigger questions: a deeper analysis of the whole punk culture. What is punk? Where did it come from? And who belongs to this subversive society? From here, the OM13 collection was born. The release includes the new styles Patti, Robert, Ian and Rei.

Oscar Magnuson goes big with an oversize ‘O’ frame inspired by Iris Apfel

Oscar Magnuson Mod.8715 inspired by Iris Apfel

The incredibly free and colourful Iris Apfel influences the latest frame to be released from the Oscar Magnuson 237 Collection, Model 8715. American Apfel’s iconic style stems from her mother’s love of accessories, her work with intricately woven antique fabrics and from foreign fashions that deligh- ted her during her travels. Now 90 years old, Iris Apfel is still instantly recognizable for her huge round trademark spectacles, and it is these that have inspired the new Model 8715. As with all 237 frames Model 8715 presents a refined and slimmed down look for ultimate wearability, and the colour range packs a punch. Model 8715 will be available in six distinct colours for A/W12: black, transparent aqua, klein blue, blended caramel, tortoise and crystal.


As well as characters who have led the way in culture and art, thought and literature, here at Oscar Magnuson we also like to pay homage to heroes of design. Nisse Strinning created the String bookshelf system with his wife back in 1949 for a contest held by Bonnier public library. Illustrating the perfect balance of form and function, it helped cement Strinning’s place in history as a founding member of the Scandinavian Design movement.

The key to the String shelving system is flexibility, one can continuously add to it as a book collection grows. That’s function. But it also attracts in terms of form - it has an aesthetically pleasing simplicity. Oscar Magnuson frames follow a similar conceptual path with an extra dollop of storytelling. Each is influenced by and named after wonderfully inspiring people, such as Strinning.



Oscar Magnuson frames aren’t arbitrarily named. Each is inspired by an individual and reflects their story, era and way of life. Oscar Magnuson himself explained in a recent interview, “I believe that whatever product you design, it is the references you put into the object that create the object.”

As Oscar Magnuson got to know the artist and poet Karl Holmqvist(2), his interest in beatnik culture increased. This season’s frame William is born of this influence; its namesake is one of the founding fathers of the Beat movement, William Burroughs.

It takes an astoundingly original mind to create a new way of thinking, a new form of literature and the seedlings of a fresh culture. Burroughs was a typical genius – a tortured soul in constant struggle. Dogged by mental health problems, heroine addiction, tragic events (he accidentally shot and killed his wife), Burroughs led a lifestyle to be wondered at. And written about. His 18 novels and novellas, six collections of short stories and four collections of essays are largely autobiographical.

In 1943 Burroughs, along with his friends Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac lived a subversive existence that questioned and worked against the moral, political and economic systems of American society. They used drugs, dabbled in alternative forms of sexuality, rejected materialism and focused on simply ‘being’, living in the present moment. All three wrote. It is these incredible outpourings of literature and thought that founded the countercultural Beat movement and in turn led to the hippie wave of the 1960s. These men bravely struck out on a new path of thought, laying the way for the freedom and ease of expression we have today.

William Burroughs lived to be 83 and never lost his fascinating life perspective. His originality may have been a burden to him, but for us and countless others, it is an inspiration.

Progressive thinkers inspire Oscar Magnuson for SS12 release

What do William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and Bernard Henri-Lévy have in common? All were or are strident in their beliefs, progressive thinkers and prolific producers of new ideas. They have also all inspired Oscar Magnuson
S/S 2012 frames. View this seasons new Oscar Magnuson frames here:

Couture and the common touch: A look at the life of Carrie Donovan


Carrie Donovan was one of the first expressive and formidable characters to inspire the world of Oscar Magnuson Spectacles. An instantly memorable woman, she was known for her statement style, being able to spot emerging fashion talent from a million miles away.

View pictures of the great Carrie Donovan here: